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Financial Resources

SPICE Microenterprise Loan

Image by Waldemar Brandt


SPICE offers business loans at a fixed 5% interest rate for individuals in the

Perry County

service area!

To be eligible for the SPICE Microenterprise Loan Program,
persons applying must meet the following criteria:

a) Reside in Perry County or will be opening a business in Perry County

b) Be low-to-moderate income. (Less than 80% of the Perry County median income) 



c) Will hire low-to-moderate income employees

To apply for a SPICE loan please download and fill out the following form. Once your application is completed, you may send it to SPICE via:
Mail: PO Box 268, 115 W Main Street, New Straitsville, Ohio, 43766
Fax: (740) 394-2277


From Left to Right: Fritzie Nitschke, Peggy Edgington, Randy Edgington and Sarah Corne

SPICE has been assisting clients, Randy & Peggy Edgington, in their pursuit of starting their business, Randy’s Live Edge. SPICE has helped build their business plan, website, and assisted with a start-up loan.

Other Financial Resources 

The Hocking Hills App

While you're checking out all the great other outside financial resources SPICE has to offer, make sure to get yourself on the map with the Hocking Hills App! This app is highly visited by tourists and locals and features business in around Hocking Hills and Perry County for free. We have SPICE on the app (check out the video) and would be more than happy to get your business on there too for easy and free advertising! Just reach out to us and we will get your business on it ASAP. 

For all other financial resources check out the list below to get inspired and on your way to a more successful and financially sound future for your business:

The Southern Perry Network

The Southern Perry Network, SPN, is a program developed by SPICE and Rural Action. This program assists in developing business lists for New Straitsville, Corning, and Shawnee and promotes local companies.

As a resource to the community, the SPN has compiled a list of loans and grants that are available to businesses in Appalachia, Ohio. (Perry County, Hocking County, and Athens County)

Click To Download List

Ohio's Winding Road

As said on their website, "Ohio’s Winding Road is a compilation of active, authentic experiences and products in Ohio’s Rising Appalachia that are anything but typical. With an emphasis on local guiding and “small scale”, the cultural story is accented by emerging arts, local foods, and outdoor recreation." 
SPICE is featured on their Education Page. 


KIVA is a international peer to peer lending platform that allows small business owners and non-profit leaders to crowd-fund. They offer zero interest loans up to $10,000 for those who qualify.

If you are someone who would be interested in either giving or receiving a loan then feel free to reach out to SPICE to get started today!


ECDI's slogan is "investing in the growth of small business" which means they care about you as a small business owner...which is exactly why we at SPICE partner with them! ECDI is another great financial resource that does not discriminate on the loan amount you need. They also have great business tips on their website, so go explore their site and contact us if you would like an easy way to get started with them!

Appalachian Growth Capital

AGC makes loans to help start and grow businesses in Appalachian Ohio--talk about home grown! Their focus on Appalachia will give you the reassurance that they are focused on you and how to help your business grow. 

If you need a loan from people you can trust close to home then reach out to us at SPICE and we will get you started and set you up with AGC.

Foundation for Appalachian Ohio

Another Appalachian foundation SPICE has teamed up with is FAO. FAO wants to "create opportunities for Appalachian Ohio’s citizens and communities by inspiring and supporting philanthropy.".


Need financial support, but not sure if you want to dive into getting a loan? FAO not only has opportunities for loans, but also offers grants and scholarships! Check out their website and all they have to offer and then reach out to us to get help writing the loan/grant/or scholarship applications.

Rural Action Inc

Rural Action Inc was founded on the idea that "locally-based, sustainable, and inclusive development is the main strategy for building resilient rural Appalachian communities". They have a big emphasis on the environment both in the natural sense and the physical sense which means they will have a big focus on helping your business succeed. 
Contact SPICE to find out how to receive financial resources from them.

Finance Fund

SPICE has partnered with Finance Fund to get the larger financial resources you may need for your business dreams! Finance Fund was created to "connect underserved communities with public and private sources of capital and other resources". Finance Fund is there to get resources out to low-and moderate-income communities. If you are looking for a large loan amount then they are support you need. 

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